What Your Private Data Says About You

Did you know that your private data can speak for you? If not properly taken care of and destroyed, all different types of your private data can be leaked. While it might sound more like a scare tactic than truth, it sadly happens to millions of Americans each year. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) revealed in their latest report that 3.2 million Americans experienced some form of identity theft in 2019. While some of that is from hacking, many people get their private data stolen by not properly destroying it on their old devices. Are you wondering what your private data says about you? Continue reading on to learn more.

What’s in Your Private Data

When your private data is not properly destroyed, it can contain more information about you than you ever thought possible. Many of us live, work, and socialize on our devices. Therefore, they can be filled to the brim with personal information. This can include our name, social security number, credit card information, pictures, addresses, and more. What’s more, simply wiping your data off of your device by resetting it may not be enough.

While throwing away electronic devices is always a bad idea due to its impact on the environment, it has other consequences, too. There are criminals out there who make an entire career out of finding discarded devices like computers and cell phones. This is usually to check for private data and then sell that data to the highest bidder.

The Importance of Data Destruction

The best way to prevent this from happening to you is to properly dispose of your electronic devices. Most reputable electronic recycling centers offer data destruction services. While anyone can say they will destroy your data, we highly recommended vetting the company. They should meet all DOD 5220.22M requirements as well as the NIST 800-88 for media sanitization. At American Recycling, we take your data and privacy seriously. We meet and exceed all of the required guidelines mentioned above.

American Recycling has a secure, certified software that fully wipes the existing data up to three times, ensuring complete and secure Data Sanitization. If you prefer Data Destruction, we also offer Hard Drive Shredder, Data Shredder, and Mobile Hard Drive Crusher services. This can be done via on-site or off-site per your request. If needed, we also offer a Certificate of Destruction. This certifies that we are responsible for properly erasing all data containing device and release you of all liability.

Simply resetting your mobile device, computer, or laptop may not be enough. In order to ensure the security of your private data, we suggest using a reputable company like American Recycling to take care of your needs. By using this route to secure and wipe your data, you will also be helping the environment by keeping electronics out of landfills.

American Recycling offers free pick-up to all businesses and only a $25 fee for residential pick-up. You can also drop off most items for free (including cell phones, computers, and laptops) at our location at 5001 South 16th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska. If you’d like to schedule a pick-up, click here to get started!

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