Steps to Responsible E-waste Management at Your School

E-waste and Electronic Recycling

Electronic waste, which is also known as e-waste, is the junk that is the result of excess, superfluous damaged and outworn electronic devices. Even though these electronic devices are completely useless, these devices can be turned into useful gadgets by recycling them. There is a proper way to recycle electronics, which is known as electronic recycling.

Electronic Waste at School

Data Destruction

Today, every valuable data is stored in electronic devices. We often think that no one can recover that confidential data once we delete it. This notion has no factual basis. It is indeed very risky to get rid of your e-waste without properly destroying the data. Every institution and company should be responsible enough to properly destroy the data otherwise they can be held liable if the privacy is breached. For this purpose, you need to find a certified company, and our company provides the best solution to destroy the data and is officially certified to perform this task.

Importance and Benefits of E-waste

If you are looking to save your money as well as your environment, then let us help you. We are an electronic recycling company based in Lincoln, Nebraska. We help you recycle your electronics because we believe in saving our environment. There are so many benefits of recycling the products especially electronic devices. Some of them are

  • We can preserve our natural resources by simply recycling our electronic devices as electronic devices are made up of many raw materials like copper, lithium, tin, silver, gold etc.
  • We can save our landfills from chemical contamination, which can harm our health.
  • We can save money by creating jobs in our country, minimizing the costs of sending e-waste to overseas by creating plants within our country.
  • If e-waste is not disposed of properly then it can be detrimental to our health and our environment.
  • Electronic recycling is very important because if e-waste is dumped in landfill then it will add to global warming.

E-waste Management Programs in Schools

Community-wide competitions are being held at schools for recycling the electronics. Eugene/Springfield elementary schools competed against each other back in May 2017. The school who recycled the most would win.

Back in May 2017, Eastridge school PTO also raised funds and awareness in their fourth annual Spring Recycling drive which was sponsored Scrap Central Inc. In this drive, 2,214 pounds were recycled and $1,043 were raised. Director and vice president of Scrap Central inc. said that their partnership with Lincoln recycling community has been effective in diverting waste material from landfills.

Many schools are participating in electronic recycling not just by raising funds and awareness but also by actively participating in it.

E-waste Management Programs in Schools

Steps to Responsible E-waste Management

As we have mentioned the importance of data destruction and recycling of e-waste, we are here to provide you with the solution as well. Our company helps in recycling e-waste. Schools are the primary source where children learn the importance of preserving nature. We can teach them about the importance of recycling. This way, they will grow up to be responsible citizens of our beloved country. That is how each one of us will participate in making this earth greener and better. Schools should follow these simple steps to get rid of their e-waste:

  • Find a Certified Company: Companies and institutions like schools, universities, and hospitals should find a certified company to recycle e-waste. There are many companies who fabricate the documents to perform the e-waste recycling and data destruction. You should be careful about this fact. A company should be certified to perform the task of data destruction before recycling them. It is very crucial to find the right recycler who has authentic certification.
  • Visit Civic Institutions: You can also consult with your local government or any other institution like schools and universities. They can provide you with responsible e-waste recycling. E-waste has become a growing problem in our country due to evolution in electronic devices. Government offices and these other institutions are clearing days off the calendar for people to bring the e-waste to the assigned location. This is a good way to raise awareness as well.
  • Maintain your Electronics: It is always a wise idea to maintain your electronics. If you take a little more care of your devices, then they might last longer. This way you can enjoy them for a long period without having to trash them.
  • Sell old Electronics: You can always sell the electronics that you do not need anymore. It is better to sell them and make some money than to waste them in an improper way that can be harmful to our environment. Before you sell your electronics, make sure that you have properly destroyed the data.
  • Donate your Electronics: Donating your unwanted electronics can be another way to get rid of e-waste in an effective way, without harming the environment. It is for the best to reuse than to recycle. You can donate these undesirable electronics to the people, who would not have access to them easily. Even in the case of donating the electronics, you need to be careful about destroying your private and confidential data.
  • Store Data Online: With growing technology, it is easier to save your data online. This habit will allow you to be independent of your electronic devices because you will be able to access your data at a public place which provide this service.

Choose a Recycler: If schools want to participate in saving the Earth, then they should contact us to get rid of their e-waste in the best way. We make sure to destroy data without the breach of privacy and confidentiality. Our main purpose is to make the Earth a better place for all of us to live in. For that purpose, we arrange recycling events at schools. We also provide the service of picking up the e-waste from the schools.

You should always feel free to contact us. We are here to help you and assist you in every way that we can.

Data Destruction