Planning Your Business’s Commercial Electronics Upgrade

The truth of the matter is that all computers in the end become out of date and should be replaced. A few organizations delay the replacement until it is completely necessary, yet is this the best approach? Hanging tight for a disappointment or until the employees whine about losing important time trusting that their computers will fire up, open applications or reboot, is counter productive.

Gartner Research directed an investigation of 177 organizations and found out that the normal life expectancy of a desktop is 43 months, and three years for mobile. More than 33% of respondents claimed that the primary purpose behind machine replacement is to improve client profitability, while more than a quarter referred to heightening support costs with more established machines.

The technology is advancing in the blink of an eye. Every company and organization wants to own the latest technology to keep up with the progress in the market. Software updates contain important changes to improve the performance, stability and security of the applications that run on your computer. It is need of the day that everyone is bound to upgrade their softwares and electronic devices in order to succeed in this competitive environment.

Does Your Business Need an IT Overhaul

It’s the time of the year to start thinking and planning out if your company or organization needs an IT overhaul. Here are a few important tips;

  1. Upgrading the whole system can be very costly, therefore, you really need to plan it out carefully. Go through each of your devices and determine which one can be upgraded and which one should be replaced.
  2. If your current system is not supporting the new software update, then this might be the indication of upgrading your operating system.
  3. If the computers, that you are using, are not supporting the upgrade of the operating system then that is your clue. You need to replace the devices.
  4. When you factor the costs of upgrades, think about the five main replaceable components: memory, hard drives, optical drives, video cards, and processors.

Electronics Recycling

The Importance of Electronics Recycling

Now that you have decided to replace those devices that are not functional anymore, what do you do with them? Do you donate or recycle them? The growing problem, with the evolution of technology, is rapid and excessive wastage of electronic devices. This results in huge piles of e-waste which is causing an alarming situation for our environment. As people replace their electronic devices, they usually trash the old ones. Do you know what happens when you throw out your electronic wastes? Let us show you the reality. When you have to toss out e-waste it ends up in landfills. When the e-waste is heated up it releases toxic chemicals which seep into the water storages underneath our earth. This way our water storages are polluted. Water pollution not only affects the species living in water, but it has adverse impacts on us as well. The toxic chemicals are also released into the air causing health hazards. This is why we need to take care of our e-waste by recycling them or donating them to people in need.

Data Destruction

Don’t Forget Data Destruction

Before recycling or donating your old computers or mobile phones, don’t forget to delete your personal data. However, deleting the data is never enough as it can be easily recovered. Therefore, if you do not want your data to get into the wrong hands, you need someone who is certified to carry out the task and remove them completely for you. At American Recycling, our facility is fully equipped and certified to safely handle your data containing devices. Our process consists of Data Destruction and Data Sanitization.

Schedule a Pickup or Drop Them Off at Our Doorsteps, We’ll Take Care of the Rest

We are here to help you play a vital role in saving our environment. We make everything easy for you. Our company seeks out those businesses which want to dispose of their electronic devices in an effective and healthy way. We are also committed to serving orphaned children in Southeast Asia and Africa. Our business donate a portion of its profits to a nonprofit organization to help support struggling youth in developing countries. So, help us help them by recycling your unwanted electronic devices.

If you do not have a place where you can dispose of the electronic waste safely and properly, then you can leave the garbage of electronic devices at our doorsteps. If you do not have any conveyance to drop off that junk, you’ll just need to contact us and schedule a pickup. We will come to your place and pick up all the trash of your electronic devices.

You can directly contact us on 402-805-4985, support@americanrecyclingne.com or visit us here at 5001 South 16th Street Lincoln, Nebraska 68512 USA.