How to Safely Recycle Your Devices

Do you think it’s now time to dispose of your electronic device? There is a right and safe way of disposing of it, and that is by recycling it. Old gadgets are made up of dangerous materials that have harmful effects on the environment and animals. Below are some of the best ways of disposing of your device.

  1. Could You Take It to Recyclers? 

Many companies and nonprofit organizations are willing to take your device to protect the environment. Some of these companies are phone calls away from you. These devices are refurbished, while in others, components are extracted to make other new devices. If your phone is not that old, you may get paid by these companies for recycling your gadget. When these recyclers get your device, the memory on your gadget is destroyed, and reusable materials are extracted before they are resold.

  1. Give it to the Cell Phone for the Soldier

Don’t you think our front-line soldiers need to be comforted and made to fill part of us? In the cell phone for soldiers, giving away your device is helping our heroes have a call to their loved ones and their family members free of charge.

  1. Take it to Charities Groups

You can decide to give your phone to charities, and I bet it will go toward a good cause. It is one of the good ways to give back to your community. Some of these charity groups might be your nearest school or a community organization sensitive to our environment. Giving to these charity groups is they sell to the recyclers at a small fee to help maintain their groups and do some community development works.

  1. Give it to Tech Firms?

Many manufactures of these devices and retailers of electronics offer a robust recycling program. Tech firms have been developed to ensure that your old gadget doesn’t have to pile in your place as a consumer. In some brands, you may even get a gift card or credit that will help you when purchasing a new device.

In any of the methods you choose for your recycling, remember that your information is still paramount. Before giving away your gadget, ensure you have done the following.

  • Transfer all data and photos from your old phone or laptop to your new devices to ensure you don’t lose your important information.
  • If no information is left on your device, do a factory reset on If no info is left on your device, do a factory reset on your device to clear all the data.
  • Ensure you remove your sim card and your SD card from your phones.
  • If it’s a device that you had paired with other devices, e.g., watches, ensure that you unpair them and back up your data so that it is not lost in your paired devices.

You may contact some of these companies ready to take up your device and ask them to help you clean up your device. At American Recycling, we provide you with professional, certified, and secure e-waste recycling services. We offer full IT Asset Disposition services including On-site Hard Drive destruction, Hard Drive shredder, Hard Drive crusher, & Hard Drive Sanitation. Click to see our full list of accepted devices!

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