Holiday Electronics Recycling

The Holiday Season is upon us! What are you hoping to get this year? Or did you already score some great Black Friday deals? It’s likely whatever is on your list, at least one or two electronics are included! Electronics like computers, laptops, smartphones, and gaming systems are on many people’s wish lists. With all of the great sales going on, the holidays can be a great time to replace or upgrade your devices. However, you might be wondering what you do with the old devices. Holiday electronics recycling is incredibly important and something that should not be skipped over! Read more below about why and how you should recycle your electronics during the holidays.

Holiday Sales

Why is Holiday Electronics Recycling Important?

There is not a single time of year that more electronics are bought and thrown away than the holiday season. Due to sales and the season of gift-giving, hundreds of millions of electronic devices are bought during Black Friday all the way through the New Year. Since many of these devices are purchased as upgrades to current electronics, this means hundreds of millions of devices also end up in the trash.

When these electronics such as smartphones or laptops end up in landfills across the world, it pollutes our environment and natural resources. It releases toxins into the air and harmful chemicals into our soil and water. This is why it is imperative that you never, ever throw away old electronics! Read more about how not recycling your electronics is killing you.

How Should I Dispose of My Old Electronics?

Now that we know you should never throw away your old electronics, the question is… what should you do with them? The answer lies within proper recycling. However, as we’ve discussed before, not all recycling companies are created equal. You want to make sure you choose a recycling company that is based in the United States. Also, check that they do not ship any parts to other countries. We also suggest making sure the recycling company you choose is mindful of both the environment and the value of refurbishment. Giving a second life to an old device not only helps keep it out of a landfill, but it can also help someone in need.

Electronics Recycling

Since a lot of our lives are tied into our devices, you should also find a company that is knowledgeable in data security. If you are sending your smartphone or computer to be recycled, data destruction and data sanitization are an absolute must. Even if you think you’ve cleared everything, that is not always the case. Be extra secure with your data and make sure your device is completely wiped clean by experts before it is recycled or refurbished.

Choose American Recycling for Holiday Electronics Recycling

Team at American Recycling

At American Recycling, we take your data, privacy, and security seriously. We have experts on staff that are certified in Data Destruction and Data Sanitization. Our facility is fully equipped and certified to safely handle any of your devices that contain sensitive data. We can also assure you that all of your electronics and parts stay within the United States to be safely recycled.

When possible, we will also refurbish devices to breathe a second life into them. This helps to keep them out of landfills and assists those in need. You can also feel good in knowing we care about the environment and do our best to protect it. If we can’t refurbish the device, the parts are broken down responsibly into recyclable materials such as metals, plastics, and gold to promote the sustainable manufacturing of new devices.

If you need help with your holiday electronics recycling, look no further! American Recycling is here to help. Contact us today!

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