Harmful Impact of E-Waste on Health

Electronic waste also known as E-waste describes electronic products that are no longer useful. These electronic products have become surplus hence, there is a need to dispose them. Virtually all electronic products can become less utilized over time but the most common ones include pressure cookers, cell phones, radios, computers, TV sets, refrigerators etc.

Improper Disposal of Electronic Devices

Most users of these electronic devices tend to dispose them however, the disposal is usually done in an improper manner. These improper disposals are usually due to ignorance but proper sensitization on ways that people can resell, reuse, recycle, or properly dispose electronic devices will greatly improve the process of disposal. The improper disposal of electronic product has a horrible effect on the environment and this directly or indirectly rubs off on our health. This article intends to propagate the need for recycling of electronic products and to increase awareness on the harmful impact electronic waste has on our health.

Most electronic products are made up of parts which contains a lot of harmful materials. Substances such as chromium, lead, nickel, zinc, barium and flame retardants are commonly used in electronic devices. When electronic devices are disposed improperly, they allow the release of these toxic materials into the environment. Most of these toxic materials are carcinogenic and some of them heavily damages the kidney, the blood and the nervous system, and other sensitive parts of the body. People who inhabit areas where electronic waste are usually disposed are the most susceptible to these toxic materials and they mostly contract respiratory ailments.

In addition to these, electronic wastes also cause the release of these toxic materials into the atmosphere when exposed to the sun and heated up. These toxic materials grossly affect the atmosphere and this increases the harmful effects of global warming, drought, erosion, earthquakes and other disasters.

When e-wastes are dumped in a landfill, some of the toxic materials released find their way into ground water and this affects animals. This has also been known to be the cause of many health issues in developing countries where the people have no or little knowledge about the demerits of dumping electronic product instead of recycling.

The best way to avoid contributing to the environment in a harmful manner is to ensure that electronic products that are not in use are proper recycled or destroyed. This can only be achieved when such products are handed over to recycling agencies who have made it their top priority to keep waste away from landfills. These recycling agencies operate with the intention of refurbishing the electronic devices for a “second-life” which. will extend its usefulness.

At American Recycling, we do not only pride in our ability to recycle and keep electronic waste products out of landfills. Our goal is to leave positive impacts always on the environment through responsible recycling requirements and practice which, has been one of the forces propelling us towards making the world a better place. We do all this by striving to meet up with environmental and health & safety industry standards while minimizing harmful impact to the society. Call us today to schedule a pick up 402-805-4985.

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