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What kinds of materials do you accept?

American Recycling accepts virtually all consumer products that use electricity. Our motto is “If it plugs in, we take it!”

How do I schedule a pick-up?

To schedule a pick-up for a school, business, government entity or NGO, give us a call at (402) 805-4985 and select #2 in the menu options

Do you charge for pick-ups?

Residential pickups cost $25.00. Business pickups are free, but there are charges for a few items. Please refer to our Price List for details.

How soon can you get to our location to pick up our devices?

We can be at most locations within a week of a request.

Can we request a Gaylord to leave on-site to collect e-waste?

Absolutely! We can drop off any number of gaylords needed to support your collection program.

Can members of the public drop off electronics at your business?

Yes, we encourage it! You’ll find a “Customer Drop-Off” sign on the south side of our warehouse. Pull right up to the garage door during business hours, and we’ll even help you unload. If the garage door is closed, just ring the doorbell and someone will come out to help.

Is there a charge for the public to use your company?

Most items dropped off by the public can be recycled for free. However, some fees do apply to items that are more challenging to recycle (such as televisions and larger appliances). Please refer to our Price List for details.

When can I drop-off my old electronics?

Monday-Friday 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. and Saturday 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.

Can you do residential pick-ups?

Within the Lincoln, NE area we can often make arrangements for a residential pick-up for a fee (typically $25). Keep in mind that depending on what types of items you want to recycle, there may be additional fees for those as well. 

What type of data destruction do you provide?

American Recycling performs both wiping of hard drives (performed to the NIST-800 standards), as well as crushing and shredding of drives. Our crushers are also mobile, which means that we can come to your location and destroy drives on site at your request. 

Is there a charge for data destruction?

The vast bulk of data destruction is performed totally free of charge. However, we do charge $5.00/per unit to destroy loose hard drives that are not installed in devices.

How do you secure any sensitive data that may be on my devices?

Data security is critical in an e-waste recycling operation and a central component to our R2:2013 certification.

American Recycling has implemented the following security controls within our facility, fleet and drivers:

  • Sixteen (16) internal and external security cameras with live and taped feeds, and a 12-month rollover on recordings
  • Security camera in every truck
  • All warehouse doors are inaccessible from the outside
  • All employees and visitors can only enter/exit the building from the main entrance
  • Visitors are required to sign in, wear a visitor tag and be escorted by someone
  • Employees in the warehouse (operators, truck drivers, and technicians) are required to wear colored vests to identify them as employees
  • Warehouse Operators and Tech Leads have two-way radios for communication
  • Warehouse has an intercom system in place
  • Alarm system with personalized PIN number for managers
  • Driving records and background checks required for truck drivers upon hire

Do you provide any documentation to prove that you have successfully wiped or destroyed the data?

American Recycling routinely presents Certificates of Recycling to our customers, and upon special request we can also provide a Certificate of Destruction to confirm data destruction on specific devices.

Are you a certified electronics recycler? Why is this important?

American Recycling is certified to the R2: 2013 international electronics recycling standards. This includes ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certifications as well, all of which are audited by an independent third party to ensure full compliance. These are critically important certifications for any e-waste recycler, so be sure that yours has one. It’s the only way to ensure that none of your electronics end up in the landfill and that the environment isn’t polluted by the recycling operation itself.

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