Electronics Recycling Pickup for Businesses

Running a business in the modern age requires technology and therefore electronics of all types. Whether it’s a printer, fax machine, computers, servers, all of these or something else, it’s likely you’re using electronics on a daily basis to run your business. While using these devices makes your life easier and your business functional, the downside is they will all eventually need to be upgraded to newer models. There are only so many updates or repairs that can be done before the whole unit will need to be replaced altogether. However, what happens to all of the old devices? How can you get rid of them safely, responsibly, and cost-effectively? Keep reading on and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about electronics recycling for businesses including the benefits and using electronics recycling pickup for businesses.

Electronics Recycling for Businesses

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Whether you own a small business or a large corporation, electronics recycling is essential. Not only is it better for the environment and the world’s overall health (read more about the health impact of not recycling your electronics), but it is also more cost-effective for your business. Just throwing your electronics out can be expensive as you’ll have to pay to have them hauled. Plus, almost all electronic devices are filled with sensitive data. Therefore, it is critical that data destruction takes place before any device is thrown out, donated, or recycled. If you’re not sure your company is ready for a complete upgrade, check out this checklist to see if your business needs an IT overhaul.

Recycling your electronics can also improve your company’s image to the public. Being eco-friendly is becoming more and more important as we start to deal with the effects of climate change and attempt to reverse them. Therefore, many customers and clients are looking for businesses that can say they are eco-friendly and care about the environment. They want to feel good about where they spend their money.

There are also other incentives to electronics recycling for businesses that are offered by government agencies and various non-profits. Some of these programs even offer grants for businesses that recycle and follow other eco-friendly practices. If you’re still not convinced yet, take a look at some more of the benefits below!

Electronics Recycling Benefits

There are numerous electronics recycling benefits for both individuals and businesses. Besides being able to save a little money, you can truly feel good about your choice. By recycling your electronics, you make sure they don’t end up in a landfill.

When electronics end up in landfills, call e-waste, it ends up polluting the soil, water, and air around us with toxic chemicals. These pollutants have been linked to causing diseases like cancer, heart problems, kidney failure, brain damage, mental illness, and more. Not to mention, the effects are long-lasting. Removing the e-waste from the landfills can’t fix what’s already been done. We have to work together to prevent it from ending up there in the first place.

Another advantage not many people consider is the long-term benefit of proving recycled material to build new devices. When recycled material is used, the device becomes cheaper for the manufacturer to build. The process also becomes more energy efficient. This means the overall cost to build them comes down and those savings will be passed down to the consumers.

How can you recycle your electronics safely? What if you have an entire office full of devices you need to recycle? How can you get them all someplace to be recycled responsibly? Keep reading and we’ll answer those questions and more.

Electronics Recycling Pickup for Businesses

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If you’ve already decided your business is ready for an IT overhaul, then it’s time to make a plan for recycling the old electronics. The best way to carry this out is to find a reputable and certified recycling company. Since transferring large devices to a recycling center can be difficult, you should find a company that offers free pickup. With electronics recycling pickup for businesses, the recycling company will come to you and take as many devices as you need.

You can even take this time to organize an e-waste drive! Have your employees also bring in any old electronics like TVs, cell phones, or laptops they want to be recycled as well. It can be a great team-building exercise that shapes a positive company image.

Another great option you can take advantage of is having a Gaylord left on-site at your business in order to collect e-waste. This can encourage employees or clients to stop by and recycle some of their old electronics. It can also leave a lasting positive image on your local community, too.

Why is American Recycling the Best Choice?

When you’re looking for any type of electronics recycling pickup for business, American Recycling is your best choice. We are R2:2013, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 Certified. R2 (Responsible Recycling) is the leading global certification standard for the electronics reuse and recycling industry. American Recycling will make sure your electronics are recycled safely and responsibly with complete consideration of the environment.

At American Recycling, we also take data security seriously. We are fully equipped and certified to securely handle all of your sensitive data. We offer full IT asset disposition services including on-site hard drive destruction, hard drive shredder, hard drive crusher, and hard drive sanitation. Plus, all of our customers receive a Certificate of E-Waste Recycling, thus releasing all liability to us. In addition, upon request, we will provide you with a Certificate of E-Waste Destruction, releasing you of any liability and placing full responsibility on American Recycling.

If you’re worried about pickup, we’ve got you covered! American Recycling offers free pickup to all businesses. In fact, you can utilize most of our electronics recycling for free. The only thing we ever charge you for is CRT monitors, tube TVs, and large appliances. Even then, our prices are incredibly low and pickup is always free.

If you’re looking to schedule a pickup, get a Gaylord to leave on-site for e-waste collection, or you want to set up an e-waste event, please click here to contact us. We have certified electronics recycling technicians standing by ready and waiting to help.

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