Electronics Recycling During the Coronavirus

The entire world is going through a difficult and scary time right now. We understand and feel it, too. American Recycling has always been a community-focused business. We help and give back to our community whenever possible. That has not changed. However, some other things have as you’ve likely experienced. At American Recycling, your data safety has always been one of our top priorities. Now, we’re also taking your health and wellbeing into higher consideration. We understand not all work can just screech to a halt. A lot of businesses and industrial warehouses are still hard at work. Therefore, we remain open and ready to assist with electronics recycling during the coronavirus.

Electronics Recycling During the Coronavirus

There is a lot changing around us right now. We have to adapt in order to protect ourselves and those who are extra vulnerable. Protecting our environment during this time is still important, too. We ask that you please not throw away any electronic equipment, especially if it has data on it. Not only is it bad for the environment, but it also puts your information at risk. American Recycling is dedicated to remaining open to help you with electronics recycling during coronavirus. We’ve also taken extra measures to help keep everyone safe.

At our facility, we have limited our number of workers and we make sure that everyone stays at least 6 feet apart. Cleanliness has always been important to us. However, we are taking added steps to make sure that work areas and customer areas are cleaned and sanitized throughout the day. We also continue to offer both drop off and pick up services to all of our clients. As a reminder, pick up service is free to business customers. There is a small $25 fee for residential customers. If you’re interested in this service, you can schedule your pick up now.

We are still accepting drop off electronics as well. Remember, if it plugs in, we’ll take it! See a list of our accepted electronics. Drop off is free though we do charge $10 for CRT Monitors, $1/inch for tube TVs, and $25 for large appliances.

American Recycling is Here for You and Our Community

While some things have changed, American Recycling is still here to provide you top-notch electronics recycling during the coronavirus that you can trust. We are certified to handle and destroy all sensitive data on your devices. We can also provide a Certificate of Destruction upon request. American Recycling works hard to have a positive impact on the environment through responsible recycling. We are dedicated to adhere to and even exceed the environmental, health, and safety standards within the industry. We are still open and ready to serve you and our entire community during their time of need.

If you need any assistance at all or have any concerns or questions, please contact us. We’d be happy to help. We wish you and your family good health and well wishes during this time.


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