Data Privacy Day – Tips On Keeping Your Data Safe

Data security is a growing broader in concern for businesses and private internet users. Since 2005 more than 350 million data from internet users have been compromised. Companies also work under the constant threat of hacking their database and significant data loss. Data security has become a point of attention for everyone. To celebrate data privacy day, we have come out with a few tips to help you secure your data:

Protect your information: you have to be stricter about where you make your data public. Do not share your data with strangers and make your social media profiles private. Companies also must pay attention to who they give access to sensitive data.

Password protection: password protection is the first step in the field of data security, even if it protects very little of experienced hackers. An ideal password must be a combination of numbers and alphabets and may consist of more than 8 characters.

Encryption of sensitive data: measures must be taken to encode confidential information. There are several softwares out there that can help encode documents that contain important information.

Avoid suspicious websites: if you are not sure about the authenticity of a website, avoid disclosing financial and personal information. Look for the padlock symbol in the browser and the prefix ‘https: /’ at the address of the website.

Anti-virus software: Consumers have a choice of many antivirus, paid and free softwares. However, companies involved in data security must invest in good antivirus software to protect their confidential information from malware and viruses. Companies can also hire professional data recovery companies like American Recycling to protect their data.

Switch to wireless: Many companies convert wireless mode for better data security, however, the connection must come from a trusted provider. For better data security, you should only use a Wi-Fi service that has both denials of service firewall and SPI firewall protection.

Data Backup

Data backup: Data backup must be performed at least once a day to prevent data loss due to a security breach. Companies now have the opportunity to outsource backup data services to professional data recovery companies. Those professionals will help to retrieve lost data at the event to a security breach and help to minimize loss from data loss.

Information about shredding: the early practice of shredding documents with confidential information to prevent data leakage was very useful for ensuring data security. The same can still be practiced today. Windows OS users can use CCleaner to erase information from hard drives.

E-mail filter: an e-mail filter can be entered to filter e-mails with suspicious items. Emails from unknown and unreliable sources can be avoided because they can contain Trojan software that will steal information from your system. If the system is used by multiple users, you must also create multiple accounts to prevent users from accessing administrator accounts.

Team at American Recycling

Data Destruction is of crucial importance as data when not managed well can be wrongly used to harm a business. There are various ways in which data can be destroyed with different efficiency levels.

Here are various ways in which data can be destroyed. It is important that a business take the help of professional service providers to destroy data. Such providers do not give a chance to the wrong persons to utilize the information in your computer to harm your business. Apart from such professional services, there are various other methods available to destroy data safely. There are many software products available on the market, which will help to destroy data from the hard drives of your computer. However, these methods are not foolproof especially in cases when the software is not installed properly.

To properly destroy all data, you will require an additional operating system, that is, there should be another hard drive on your computer. This will help in destroying the data on the unwanted drive while the required data is still kept in the other.

There are a variety of companies that offer such services, and any cursory search on the net will throw up a range of experienced firms that offer data destruction of both types.

American Recycling is highly experienced in the realm of data destruction, having worked in the data industry for many years.

American Recycling will guarantee a Certified Data Destruction through Closed Loop Recycling. Do your part for the environment and your security by having a proper Asset Disposition carried out by professionals.

Team at American Recycling

Our data destruction process involves the use of advanced technology to destroy the information in the storage media and other proprietary devices (hard drives, tapes, etc.) by shredding components into fine particles making them impossible to recover data. Our services are safe, fast, economical and practical. Once the service is complete, all fragmented components are stored in our secure warehouse and processed according to international e-Stewards standards. A data destruction certificate is provided to customers within 28 days. We guarantee the following:

  • Irreversible destruction of sensitive information;
  • Avoid leakage of raw data and its negative consequences;
  • International best practices in environmental sustainability;
  • Issuing an ecological certificate of destruction and conformity of data;
  • The peace of mind of the companies;
  • Maximum security handling;
  • Full images of video surveillance;
  • Superior risk management.

At American Recycling, we are one of the reputed Lincoln, Nebraska data destruction service providers, and we also offer expert consultation services.

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